Monday, October 24

Birthday season!

My babies are now TWO and FOUR!

Of course I had to make G a birthday crown since L already had one. :)

G had a joint birthday swim party with one of his bestie's from school. I made their cake. I wasn't fancy or anything, but it captured their personalities well, and they both G and KR loved it. (And KR's mom, too, whew!).

As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to make little fish soaps for G's little friends to take home after the party. I picked up the goldfish at US Toy, the soap base and fragrance at a local craft store, and used Wilton clear treat bags and a piece of ribbon to tie it all off. The soap sets in an ice bath pretty quickly, and you just sit the finished product out to harden completely overnight.

What an aweful pic! So yellow! But you get the idea ;) 
I love this next pic. What little one wouldn't want to be surrounded by balloons?!

And my silly little L on his birthday. 

What a crazy that boy he is. I didn't have an "official" party for him this year, but he did celebrate at home, with his classmates, and spent the afternoon/evening at the State Fair. 

Poor Gunnar got nervous at the start. Logan had no fear whatsoever, of course!
But G loved it and was all smiles soon after the first circle round. :)
Happy birthday to my favorite little men in the whole world. I love my boys so much!