Sunday, January 20

Whats for dinner? Menu.

Ah, the meal plan. It's been a while since I've actually "planned" a weeks worth of meals for us. Usually i just throw something together based on what we have in the kitchen at that moment, but there's something exciting in the anticipation of knowing what's ahead to cook. Lame, yes. lol.

So here it is:

Monday: Shrimp Tacos, Guacamole, baked corn chips
Tuesday: Beef Satay, Summer Rolls, Peanut dipping sauce, white rice
Wednesday: Steamed Salmon in Banana Leaves, Roasted Beets, baked Yucca fries
Thursday: Steelhead Trout, Artichokes, Quinoa
Friday: Tossed Salad, Pizza

Thursday, January 17

Hi Mom!!

I had to post this pic. Look at those cutie cheeks, lol! G is 4 months here :)

Wednesday, January 16

Lemonape, or so I call it.

Mmm this drink is so good! We love making lemonade this way! Instead of sugar, you use grapes, which makes the lemonade so much healthier for you. Basically you blend a few cups of grapes with about a half of a lemon and a cup of ice, and thats it. We have a super high speed blender so we can actually put all the ingredients in whole without having to peel or take out seeds. I made these today a little bit slushy just for variation (and so i could stick an umbrella in it, lol) but normally I make it smooth like a juice or how regular lemonade is.

Tuesday, January 15

Sunday, January 13

Picnic Placemats

I almost forgot to post about this! For the holidays, I made picnic placemats for my sister-in-law and her husband. While still living in CA, they often would go on long bike rides along the beach, winery hopping, and the like. Now that they are living in Chicago, we're pretty sure they'll do alot of riding to the lake and local parks once the weather warms a bit. Now they have a handy place to eat on their lap wherever they choose to stop :) . The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing and isn't this just the most perfect fabric for these placemats?!

Thursday, January 10

A simple salad

Salads are so fun and easy to make! Tonight we had a chopped salad topped with honey-mustard soy chicken. This was my first go at honey-mustard dressing, not too bad. Scott loves mustard, I dont, so this really was for him. I'd have done a bbq-ranch, but I added enough sweet honey to dilute the sharp mustard taste. Overall, I'd make this one again.

Wednesday, January 9

Special delivery

First of all, I love packages. Seriously. I think I like getting a package sometimes even more than finding out whats inside. Yes, I know, kind of strange.

So heres what we got today. My MIL sent us all of Scott's baby blankets that people made him from when he was as wee-bitty as G. How sweet are they! S immediately recognized the top, green plaid one. I think that one is my favorite.

Ill be making G his very own blanket shortly. Some oh-so-soft minky is already on its way in a nice big brown box, actually. I bought way too much fabric on our trip back home for the holidays to cart it back in the car... nice huh!

Tuesday, January 8


Guacamole is so much more fun when made in a molcajete, I am convinced!
Of course you still have the same amount of prep work without one, but the smashing and combining with the tejolote is much more fun. And I think it looks cool too :)

And eh, your not supposed to "clean" it with any kind of soap... woops.. These things really should come with directions..