Sunday, December 30

Ahh, to be back at the beach

Gosh we sure miss the ocean. Its nice to be "home" again, and little G for the first time gets to see the sparkly blue waves daddy has been telling him ALL about. Nothing like a family picture at the place we love most. Its not the greatest picture ever, but with the sea behind us and the sand at our feet, it has become our favorite memory from this trip. Someday we will be back living in a place where our surfboards dont have to hang on the walls in our bedroom, sigh.

Friday, December 21

A man and his music

And just in case Scott doesnt like the stenciled t's I made him, he will definitely love this. He has long mourned the passing of his Cool Runnings *tape* which he religiously arose to every morning for years and years before we married. I dont know what Im getting myself into buying him the CD..

Stenciled T's

This year Scott is getting two stenciled T's from the babe and I. Pretty easy and fun to make, except its a bit trickier when holding a baby. The stencils were made using freezer paper and the shirts I bought at American Apparel (they are so soft and buttery, love AA!).
I choose the designs based on sentimental meaning. For S's birthday the first year we were married, I made him a homemade cake with that exact surfer guy on it. He's always wanted to get the motif made into a sticker for his car window. I thought of just making the decal for him, but its kinda become a long running joke that it hasnt happened yet when he wants it so bad but always ends up leaving the darn design at home when were going to places that have a sticker booth. So hence came the shirt idea.
The long sleeve shirt I designed, although the drawing of the seahorse I did on paper was MUCH better than the actual seahorse here. I'd like to add more detail to it, and looking back i should have used fabric markers which would have allowed for blending and creating dimension right off the bat. Oh well. Anyhow, the circle represents the circle of life (and the ocean), and the seahorse is a symbol of amazing father he is to our sweet little boy. Did you know that the males seahorse is the one who looks after, nurtures and protect the little ones? So sweet, huh?

Thursday, December 20

Well hello there!

Welcome to my blog. I decided to start a blog because, well, everyone seems to be doing it. LOL. So here it is, or will be rather. Tidbits of craft, of cooking, and of wonderful life with a sweet babe.

Isnt he the most adorable guy around? Look at that face, awwww. Sweet boy :)

So please bare with me for the next few weeks or so as im sure I'll be doing a lot of tweaking, decorating, and just plain learning as I go.