Monday, November 30

I Luv Veggies

I made my friend Katy a little something for her birthday.  She likes to cook and bake and do all things 'kitchen-y', so I thought an oversized flour sack tea towel would do the trick.  I use mine all the time for covering rising dough, underneath cooling cookies, drying dishes.. surely she could use another towel, right?

How fun is this pattern!  You mix and match veggies and faces for a custom-of-sorts creation. Sublime stitching rocks, especially when you don't feel like self-drafting a design.

Happy birthday Katy! Hope you like it! :)

Thursday, November 5

And were back!

Yes, its been over a year.  But we're back now!  And instead of just one boy, we now have two! Welcome baby Logan!  My photographer friend Susie took his newborn photos for us.  He was two days old here. And Gunnar is now 2.


My personal favorite.  What a cutie pie. 

My sweet boys together.