Sunday, January 20

Whats for dinner? Menu.

Ah, the meal plan. It's been a while since I've actually "planned" a weeks worth of meals for us. Usually i just throw something together based on what we have in the kitchen at that moment, but there's something exciting in the anticipation of knowing what's ahead to cook. Lame, yes. lol.

So here it is:

Monday: Shrimp Tacos, Guacamole, baked corn chips
Tuesday: Beef Satay, Summer Rolls, Peanut dipping sauce, white rice
Wednesday: Steamed Salmon in Banana Leaves, Roasted Beets, baked Yucca fries
Thursday: Steelhead Trout, Artichokes, Quinoa
Friday: Tossed Salad, Pizza


Rebecca said...

Wow, am I invited to dinner this week? That all looks excellent!

Love your guacamole a few posts down. I LOOOOOVE guac! We have a molcajete bowl, too - but it sits heavily in the bottom of the pantry. Usually more trouble than it's worth, haha!

Anonymous said...

You have become quite the cook. You can bring lunch when I visit Dallas.

Dawn Endres said...


Heather said...

Wow, what great dinners! My poor family never gets fed that well, lol.

meshell said...

Can I come over and eat at your house? Your menu sounds yummy!

Kandi said...

Yum! Your menu sounds great.

melgriffin said...

that all sounds so good. My husband makes me cook boring food.

JustJamie said...

You guys like seafood, eh? Have fun eating all those great meals.