Monday, February 18

Alot of Pasta!

Its pasta time! Scott and I make it together (with the help of our good 'ol Kitchen Aid mixer), and by the end of the night our entire kitchen is SWIMMING in pasta. We really need to invest in hanging drying racks. Pasta covers all counter space, kitchen table, bar... EVERYTHING. I should take a pic of the kitchen next time, ha. We like to make a TON of it and dry and freeze some. This go around we made regular angel hair pasta, sausage ravioli and spinach linguine (pictured- the flour keeps it from sticking and helps it to soften when cooked). Most of what we made was for my dad for his birthday :).


JustJamie said...

Wow, I am so impressed. My Nana use to make all her pasta from scratch. It's the Italian thing to do. I miss her cooking.

Dawn Endres said...

Man! You're good!

It looks so yummy!

Nicole said...

Jamie- my dad's side of the family is from Italy. He used to make pasta and great italian food all the time when we were little. So good.