Wednesday, January 16

Lemonape, or so I call it.

Mmm this drink is so good! We love making lemonade this way! Instead of sugar, you use grapes, which makes the lemonade so much healthier for you. Basically you blend a few cups of grapes with about a half of a lemon and a cup of ice, and thats it. We have a super high speed blender so we can actually put all the ingredients in whole without having to peel or take out seeds. I made these today a little bit slushy just for variation (and so i could stick an umbrella in it, lol) but normally I make it smooth like a juice or how regular lemonade is.


Dawn Endres said...

I'm going to have to try that. mmm!

Chelsea said...

Yuuum! That sounds good! I think I'll try it soon!