Tuesday, January 17

iMac turned iCat bed!

 Meet Howie, an 8 month old "teenage" tuxedo kitty. I've never owned a cat before, nor am a "cat person", but he's a really seems to be a perfect cat in nearly every way, and we couldn't be happier to have him here.

Crappy iPhone pic, sorry!
Meanwhile, a few retro iMac monitors have been collecting dust waiting to be transformed into something neat, and Howie's arrival finally set that into motion! Of course I had to make him the turquoise one. :)

 The iMac was gutted pretty completely, and then I sewed up a bed cushion and pillow set custom to the dimensions and interior slopes of the monitor. I did add a wheat sac infused with catnip oil underneath the bed to steady iCat from potentially being tippy as the back end of the monitor tapers upwards off the base. You could even warm that up on cold nights and spoil kitty rotten with an extra cozy bed, ha!

Check it out, pretty neat, huh?! Im super pleased with how iCat turned out. 

Howie quite loves it too, much more than the picture allows, ha! He's not really sure yet what to do when the camera is pointed his direction. 

Now what to do with the other iMacs...?! 

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