Monday, March 31

A much needed new spinning seat

So i have this great spinning chair, but its ancient and the fabric is quite outdated (in a not so cool way either). It was about time i give it a makeover. Part makeover i suppose, since i only recovered the seat. Paint is next. I'm thinking maybe a hot pink?..

Here is before:

And here's the seat after:

And now if i could just find time in my day to start spinning again. Maybe the new seat will inspire me, we shall see..!


Dawn Endres said...

How cool!

Great job! I love the new look!

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

That is super cute!

The Mama said...

wow that's great!

Sarah said...

The new material is fabulous!

JustJamie said...

That is a very cook chair. Great job!

meshell said...

I love the chair! And I think hot pink would be look great!