Thursday, May 1

A tank and a onesie.

Ive been doing a little bit of simple embroidery lately. I made this tank for my friend who is a knitting fanatic. The ball of yarn with knitting needles (all in black, I wanted to keep it simple) is right smack in between where the shoulder blades would hit when wearing the tank. This stitching was a bit tricky since the tank was stretchy and ribbed.

And then I made this lavender and light pink prissy poodle one a white onesie for my friends little girl. Yes, I know, the pictures all stink. Sorry! I took them practically in the dark and at the last minute, serves me right. Both these patterns are from Sublime Stitching. Jenny Hart rocks.


JustJamie said...

Way better then I could ever do.

Dawn Endres said...

I think you did a great job! WTG!

meshell said...

Oh my gosh, I SO want that tank top! Super cute!