Wednesday, July 7

Pigs. Really?

My 2 year old's favorite animal is a pig. Seriously.
Really? Yes. How odd is that?
We've asked him over and over again for a few months now, and we always expect him to say a dog, cat, lizard.. something "normal," but nope, its always a pig.
And you might be thinking, 'well pigs can be kinda cute, like Wilbur'. No, no, no.. He's not referring to the Charlotte's Web version of a pig.. nice and pink, with a perfect curly tail.. nope. The uglier the pig, the more fat and wirey and dirty, the more Gunnar likes it.
Like this Warthog above from the Dallas Zoo, that's one of his favorites. But any pig he likes. And he's never seen any tv or movie with pigs in it. Is my kid abnormally odd? Ay!

(I do also have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. We had an obnoxious worm virus on the computer and I've been scared to death to harm our pictures. So I kinda just went MIA. Not that I've had much time to post anyhow! Now that schools out, I've been working 6 days a week while hubby plays mama since he's home for the summer. The life of a teacher, nice for sure! Anywho, hopefully Ill be back up and posting regularly again soon. :) )

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