Tuesday, May 25

A baby shower gift for twins.

One of my childhood best friends from back home is pregnant with fraternal twin girls due this July.  I am so excited for her!  The baby shower was this past weekend. I made sun hats and  burp cloths cloths for the girls.

 The sun hats turned out super cute! I love the little ruffled brims.  

 I know mama really wants these babies to have their own identities, so that's why I chose two different, but similarly themed prints for the hats.

The sun hats are also reversible, with the same lining fabric in each in case mama wants them to be a little bit more coordinated. 

I had extra fabric leftover from the lining, so I snazzied up some store bought cloth diapers into burp clothes.  Really fast to sew up! 

 I made two with fabric panels, and left two of the burp cloths plain.  Just in cases mama prefers ones that aren't so cute for around the house or whatnot.

To make them (how I did do at least), you measure your fabric to be about an inch and a half or two longer and wider than the center panel of the burp cloth. Fold under the raw edges to be just smaller than the panel and pin in place (fabric right side up since there is no turning needed). Sew using a nice and tight, narrow zigzag, catching the edge of the fabric panel on the zig and the diaper fabric just next to the panel on the zag. That's it!

Here's a close-up of the stitching:

And I had to throw in one of the wristlet key fobs I made a few months back for mama!  See it *here*.  As I've mentioned before, I think the key fob has been one of my most favorite items to have with a baby.  So much easier with full hands (and arms!) to not be fumbling around in your bag for long lost keys.  Especially with twins!

I heard the shower went really wonderful, too!

My mom mentioned a really cute gift idea that a group of friends did, that I thought I'd pass along.  They went in together and bought multiple baby outfits for the girls and strung them up on a clothesline with pink and purple close-pins.  They then carefully and neatly folded the line up and tucked it into a two handled basket with a big flowey bow on top.  It was a really sweet sight to see as everyone there passed along the clothesline and one by one the little outfits popped out of the basket. There was nearly 15 feet of line! I wish I had a picture to share. Oh well.

Well thanks for reading and looking. :)


Spin The Pin said...

They look super cute! It's so refreshing sewing for little girls for a change. Well done!

Krisinda said...

Those sun hats are adorable! Interested in making some to sell? If so, how much?

Nicole said...

Krisinda- Yes! I'll message you. :)

Hayley- I know! Ruffles were so much fun for a change! :)