Friday, May 14

Zippered pouches and my Mother's Day gifts

My mom and grandma are both big fans of cutting coupons, but they carry them around in plastic sandwich baggies.  My mom has mentioned before that she'd like to pull something a little more "attractive" out of her purse.  Hopefully these will suffice.  I tucked in recent pics of the boys, and Gunnar drew a picture for each of them.
 I purposely chose a food related print for my grandma's pouch. I really didn't want her having to search all in her bag trying to remember where and what the heck she put her coupons in. 
And I think the strawberry print is cute, too, so that works.

My mom would never handle that strawberry print.  I chose a more refined, simple black based floral print for her, with a coordinating interior lining.
 And look what my sweet boy made for me at school.  *love*

He was so excited to tell me about how he planted the flower and painted the pot and dots on the card. And how I need to water the plant and give it sun to make it grow really big. He was so proud of his gift!

 And squueeeeeel!  The husband gave me a pizza stone!! I think going over 6 months without buying a single bread product proved that I was serious about this bread baking thing, worthy enough for my very own stone. ;)  I LOVE IT!  I've made homemade pizza on it twice and a boule so far.  What a difference! 

One happy mama on Mother's Day.  Latin cafe brunch, Artfest, a nap!, Chinese takeout, and good Hawaiian beer.  Awesome husband and the best two little boys a mom could ask for. Great day. ♥

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The Dark Side said...

Love the pouches; you're so creative! Glad you had a great day.