Monday, February 8

Me and Mini Fobs

Key fobs are a must for any mother, I am convinced.  I cannot tell you how much more convenient and easier life has been for me because of this thing.  Really, I'm not kidding.  No more fumbling through the diaper bag with a baby and grocery bags in tow to find keys to unlock the the car doors.  And no more losing your mind trying to find said keys in the car after putting said grocery bags and said baby in said car. Or leaving keys in a retail bathroom after changing (again) said baby's diaper...  Uh huh. Yep.  You know you moms out there have many similar (and same!) stories.  Don't deny it.

I have to say, I love the way these key fobs turned out.  The J Caroline ribbon is gorgeous.   And I am really, really pleased with my stitching.  It's nice and tight and straight, and perfectly barely kissing the edge of the ribbon.  Exactly how I hoped!  Yes, I'm completely tooting my own horn.  And I'm okay with that!  I'm really hard on my own work, really hard.  Poor hubs has to deal with me on that.  But this project, I was happily singing along with my machine.  I intended on only making one, but I had to buy yard increments of material so I ended up making three adult sized fobs, and then had a little extra webbing and ribbon so I made little Mini.

And Brandi, if you are reading this, I hope you like it, because I actually made it for you. It'll be in the mail shortly. :) Congrats again on that sweet baby boy of yours.


meshell said...

Very cute! And your stitching looks absolutely fab! I'm super hard on myself too about my projects. ;)

I really want to make some of these now!

Standifer Family said...

They're awesome! So now I am sure we need to trade services- hair service for sewing lessons. =D

BP said...

where do you find the hardware? awesome job, and super cute ribbon too! -bree

Nicole said...

Thanks, Bree. I bought everything (well, except the thread, but they've got that too, lol) at CityCraft in Dallas (Lovers and Inwood). But I'm sure a hardware store would likely sell the metal clasps as well.