Tuesday, February 23

The one woman assembly line has begun!

I'm in charge of the upcoming Teacher Appreciation event this Friday at Gunnar's preschool.  Each class level rotates throughout the school year, and the toddlers are now up.  Here's my plan.

"Relax, refresh, Indulge!" is the overarching theme I've dubbed the event.  I'm making 30 wheat filled therapy sacks (you can put them in micro or the freezer, and place anywhere on your body to sooth aches, pains, etc) in two different scents (lavender- "relax", eucalyptus- "refresh").  I've also asked the toddler parents to bake some yummy treats (the "indulge!" part) that we'll package in take-out boxes which the kiddo's will decorate in class on Thursday. So on their way out for the weekend, the teachers can pick a wheat sack in the fabric/scent of their choice and grab a to-go box filled with fresh baked desserts. 

I really wanted something that didn't take effort or time on the part of the teachers, like having to come early for a breakfast, or stay late for a lunch.  While those type of things are nice of course, I know from experience with hubby that teachers really just want to get the heck out of there just like the rest of us when the work day is done. I also thought it'd be nice to do something that they could enjoy with their family at home, and something they could actually use instead of some gimicky commercialized crap they'll throw away after a day.  So hopefully they'll like my idea.  We shall see!

My main focus right now is the sacks.  I've got help from another toddler room parent to take charge of the dessert boxes, whew!  I bought fabric last week.  There's some Legacy prints and an Alexander Henry.  I really tried to pick a variety that would cover most people's tastes. I cut all the fabric last night, today is sewing, Wednesday is filling with wheat/essential oil mixture, Thursday is sewing the opening closed and creating instruction tags, and Friday is the event! 

(I cannot take credit for the idea of the therapy sacks.  I bookmarked this from Brassy Apple a while ago knowing the idea would come in handy at some point. Good thing I did! Her blog is great too by the way, so check it out!)

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Brassy Apple said...

My goodness! good luck! the are great gifts!!