Monday, February 15

It's 7am this past Thursday morning.  Look at my kids face!  He is so excited.  And he should be!  It does NOT snow in North Texas, so this was quite the rarity and special treat.
And, his first time ever in the snow. :)

Of course we had to build a snowman.  Gunnar built one for him and one for Logan.  It was so sweet he thought of his brother all on his own. <3

 All done! Their faces bring a smile to my own.  Gunnar did a really good job!  He was so proud of his work.:)

Building snowmen sure makes a boy hungry.  I guess snow in general makes a boy hungry though, because I'd say he spent the greater part of his snow play just eating it, lol.  Mmmm, snow.

So this is snow, eh?

Poor thing took a snowball to the head. Yeah, not liking that so much.

The boys and I.  Littlest one preferred snuggles for the rest of his snow experience.  Can't really blame him.

Getting bolder with the bites while daddy works on the snow tunnel.

Said snow tunnel.

By the next morning, there was a LOT of snow.  12.5 inches, a record for Dallas!

So we headed out to check out the neighborhood. 

Snow is so much fun when playing in with a friend. 

Overall, we spent 2 whole days in a winter wonderland.  We made snow angels, built snowmen, threw snowballs, ate snow ice cream... You get the point.  

Thanks for putting up with my gazillion photos. :)

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