Tuesday, September 28

First Fishing Trip

Uncle Chris flew in to take G on his first fishing venture for his birthday. My brother travels all over the world to fish, hunt waterfalls, hike and the like. G's been asking to go fishing, but hubs held off from taking him because we knew this would be something really special for Uncle Chris to do with G. And then hubs could take over from there. ;)

 The first fish caught of many. :)

Logan and I tagged along to take pics and walk around the park.
Let me just say Gunnar had a BLAST. For those of you Dallas readers, we hit Sunnyvale Town Park. It is absolutely teeming with fish!  

And to close out, here's a fun video Uncle Chris took:


John said...

I'm so calling him The Hubs from now on. Thank you.

Nicole said...

Lol John.