Tuesday, September 28


My little boy turned three a week ago.  
My sweet, smart, funny, curious, active little boy is growing up too fast.
Grandma and Grandpa flew in for the weekend and we headed out to Ft Worth to ride the miniature rails per Gunnar's request.
Round trip this train is almost a 45 minute ride!
I wasn't planning on making him an official cake for his birthday since he didn't have a formal party, and while he did have cupcakes with all his school friends, my mommy guilt still hit and I scrambled during nap time to throw something together. Worth everything to hear my now 3 year old offer up a huge "Thank you mommy, I love it!" with big wide excited and surprised eyes.
It's not amazing in terms of a cake, but I'm pretty darn proud of how it turned out considering it came to life in a pinch!
I had one car left over, so I let Gunnar decorate it the next night and we sang happy birthday all over again. 
This was so much fun for him, I think every year Ill let him decorate his own personal mini cake or cupcake to blow out the candles on. 
Happy birthday little man! Your dad and I are so proud of you and feel so lucky to call you our son. 


John said...

Does he take 10 hour naps because that is one serious looking cake?!?!

Nicole said...

I had about two and a half hours. It was cutting it super close!

Michelle said...

He is too adorable! Love that smile!