Friday, January 22

Artisan bread part 2: Baguette

This one turned out sooo good!  Hubs bought me this baguette pan for my birthday last year and it hasn't gotten enough play.  I'm happy to say it definitely stepped up and the bread turned out awesome.  I really love how the baguette had those tiny little indentation all over the bottom, felt really authentic, lol, and the crunchy outside and soft inside was a really tasty combination.  I had expected the hardest part to be transferring the risen dough from the towel (I don't own a pizza peel) to the baguette pan without ruining the shape of the loaf or the rise, but actually the learning curve came with slashing the dough after you "paint" a bit of water over the top of the loaf.  It's a lot easier to slash with flour atop rather than water!  But it looked, and turned out just fine. :)  Another point for the Artisan Bread book!  Oh, and did I mention the baguette only needs 20 minutes to rise before baking?!  So easy! Bonus points!! 

PS- I've made about 4 more boule's since last posting.  All have been super!  The flavor of the dough even gets better as it ages in the fridge.  It's really fun to do different slash designs, too. lol!

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Standifer Family said...

Ok, I am totally giving the baguette another try. Yours looks quite a bit better than mine. lol