Thursday, January 14

Logan is 3 months old!

Logan turned 3 months old this week!  Where does time go?  Although I'm now a full time stay-at-home mom for a few months, I went back to teaching (University level) when Logan was 2 weeks old.  He slept peacefully (thank goodness!) in my ring sling through class, twice weekly, for the rest of the semester.  The students loved him, and I think my 'performance' was better for having him there.  I actually felt incomplete and awkward the one time Scott was off work and was able to keep him while I lectured.  I missed my boy so much!  But while it worked out having Logan with me, and duty aside, I really do think I went back teaching too soon.  It sped up time when I should have been resting and recuperating, and just loving on my baby.  And it took a toll.  So now, I am beginning to *really* enjoy him and can do a bit of catching up.  So happy 3 months little man!  I look forward to life being all about you for a while.  Well, and your brother too of course.  But not lesson planning and office hours, student emails, grading...  Just my boys. :)

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