Tuesday, January 26

Another apple please! Or rather, make that 4!

My kid is a fruit fanatic.  He always has been.  Gunnar would turn down chocolates, cake, ice cream, candy, you name it, for a nice fresh bowl of berries.  He'd be in heaven with a platter of fine expensive cheeses, cut apples, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, watermelon, and fresh bread.  Yes, he has really good taste.  Really good.

But is there a point where it's too much?  Last night he ate 3 apples and fresh baguette for dinner.  Medium sized organic fuji's (so sad that honeycrisps are gone already!), leaving nothing but the core and well, half the skin (because he's only 2, so there has to be some level of finiky involved, of course).  And have I mentioned he can open the fridge on his own now?  Well, he can.  When he went for the third apple last night, Scott and I turned to each other with our jaws dropped.  Really?  Three apples?  My goodness kid.

And this morning, after downing two bowls of cheerios with frozen blueberries in it, what do you think he asked for?  Yup. Another apple.

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