Friday, March 12

Gunnar's doll. And the boys' dressers.

Here is Gunnar's doll. Or rather what it looked like for the past few months.

When I had Logan, I thought it would be nice for Gunnar to have his own "baby,"  so I made him this Bit of Whimsy doll. It's the "John" pattern.  I actually finished sewing him up the night I went into labor.

Except, if you look real close, you'll notice the poor thing had no face.  I loved how the doll sewed up, and was really tired (and having contractions!), AND was a little nervous about embroidering the facial features since I've previously only embroidered flat before.

So I finally came around (and got the courage!) to give the doll its' face. As I finished embroidering the first eye on, he took one look at it and starting welling up. "Oh no, oh no, OH NO!," he said, pointing at the eye.  I said, "Honey, don't worry, it'll have another in just a few minutes.  I promise.  It's okay."  To which I got the response, "NO! No eye!  Oh no, Gunnar's doll!  Oh NO!."

Really?  Are you kidding me.  I could have left it faceless all this dang time and called the doll finished a LONG time ago. Really?  *sigh*.  Oh well.  But alas, toddler emotions are quite fleeting, and Gunnar has come to accept and love little Gunni doll.

So now he has a face. All done. YAY!

Oh, and that reminds me! The boys' dressers are done!  I forgot to post them finished. These dressers are super old and sturdy, really well made.  Husband found them out by someones trash one morning on his way to work and of course loaded them up in the back of the cruiser immediately. (not a surprise I'm sure to most of you that know him...)
And here they are re-done and in the boys' room.

Our neighbors hated us for a few days while Scott worked on the driveway to strip off the gazillion nasty paint layers and prep them for their new-found blue glory. They thought they were so ugly.  I'll give them that.  But *we* could see the beauty they had to offer.

Above is a before pic of one of them, although at this point most of the paint had already been stripped off.  And sorry about the wonky perspective, it'll be the last time I let husband take the pics.  Yes, Scott, that's YOU I'm talking about. lol.  Just kidding, love you honey. :)
Husband did an awesome job! They look even better in the boys' room than in pictures.

(ETA: I doubled the size of the original pattern of Gunnar's doll.)

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meshell said...

Aw, I love how his doll turned out! Nice job on the embroidery! And the dressers look amazing!