Thursday, March 4

Sweet memories.

Memory triggers. Its really amazing how our brain works, isn't it.  A scent in the air, a random car passing by, a strangers laugh, a song, the weather.. so many moments, in an instant, can send us back to another place and time.
 This picture was the aftermath of cake decoration for Gunnar's second birthday.  I absolutely love this picture. It reminds me of so much more than just the cake itself and all that went into creating it.  Flashes of wonderful moments emerge in my mind. My boy's wide eyes and the giant smile that broke out from his sleepy face that morning as he awoke to see before him his very own balance bike... how despite his dad and I pulling out our best tricks, he still fell asleep on the way to his own birthday party, and missed the first 30 minutes sleeping peacefully in his car seat while the other children played (lol)... I can remember the friends that came, and even where everyone sat as we sang happy birthday and Gunnar blew out the candles with dad's help... how proud of him I was for potty training a month prior... I can picture him pushing around a truck he opened at the party, it was the very same bright orange shade as the shirt he had one, and he was completely, blissfully engrossed in it the rest of the afternoon... my belly with sweet Logan growing inside it..

Amazing isn't it.

So thank you, Sarah aka La Maison Boheme, for this post, which for some reason reminded me of those vividly colored toothpicks sitting on a paper towel.

And if you've made it this far, thanks for reading and perhaps something within this post will trigger a wonderful memory for you as well. :)

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Standifer Family said...

The thing I remember about this day is, that it is the day that I knew that we would be close friends. For that, I am very thankful for this day too, and the future it represents. =)