Friday, April 9

Dreaming of quilting.

A few weekends ago, I attended the Dallas Quilt Show. To be honest, the quilts featured there were a little too traditional for me. I could definitely appreciate the stitching and piecing and such, just not my taste overall. here were a few really exciting booths like one with all batiks (even flannel!), an amazing art quilter who's quilting absolutely blew me away, and a fabric shop with some really neat retro prints. I've been itching to make a quilt for a while now, and while the Quilt Show left me a little hanging, I sure found some inspiration online.  I'm definitely a modern girl when it comes to quilting. 

   Beautiful! *Red Pepper Quilts*

Check out this combo of hand and machine quilting, wow!
*The Silly BooDilly*

Also hand quilted.  I'm totally digging the long running stitch look. *hARTylittlepeaces*

 Stunning work in progress. *Sew Katie Did*

Serene. The quilt AND the baby, lol. The backing is minky, so perfect for a baby quilt. *Come and See the Seitz*

Simple, crip and clean, doll quilt. *I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts*

This quilt also just looks so fresh and clean, and happy. *Cluck Cluck Sew*

DROOL. Gorgeous! both this one and above it by *Ann StewArt*

And oh my gosh, how cute and sweet are these little birds?! And this was her first time using free motion too. (Gives me  hope that I can do it too!) *Gone Aussie Quilting Via SewMamaSew*.

I seriously just need to jump in with both feet and make one of my own. ;)

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Standifer Family said...

Those are beautiful! But seeing how I can't find time to do a simple skirt, I know I wouldn't ever get time to do a quilt.