Sunday, April 18

Kale. It's good.

So good in fact that I've made 3 batches of kale chips in one week!  Smitten Kitchen posted this recipe a few weeks ago and I'd been eying it ever since.  I finally dove in and boy are these kale chips good!  I'm really not a fan of kale the way it's traditionally cooked (sauted, or similar), but it's packed full of vitamins and nutrients, so I welcomed the opportunity to try it in a new way.  A great new way!  Kale will never be the same to me again. And Gunnar can't get enough of this stuff, especially crumbled and sprinkled on popcorn. The flavors really do marry well together.  But even eaten alone, the chips are good. So shoot, what's not to love?  My kid is willingly gobbling nutritious green by the hand full. I think this recipe's a definite keeper!

 Right out of the oven.
Atop fresh popped popcorn. I used a heaping quarter cup natural Red Crimson kernels in a skillet with 1T. of hot coconut oil for popping. With the kale in there and already lightly salted, there is no need to add butter or oil or salt at all.
Less than 5 minutes later, Gunnar's already gone through and searched out the first layer bunch of kale chips to eat before even digging in to the popcorn. :)


Valerie said...

I love it (and the kale looks so pretty in the popcorn)! Just today, I was in line at Starbucks behind a car with an Eat Kale bumper sticker. I have to try this.

Nicole said...

"Eat Kale".. lol Valerie. What a funny bumper sticker. How random is that!?

julie said...

that looks good! I will have to try!!