Friday, April 16

Kimono wrap top for the littlest one.

I haven't ventured much into sewing clothing.  A skirt for me, a pair of pants for the boy, bathrobe for the husband.. not many things.  I made this kimono wrap top a week before Logan was born, but he is just now wearing it for the first time at almost 6 months old.  I followed the newborn dimensions for cutting, and even then reduced it a bit further.  Huge! Especially considering my little guy is also quite the chunk. Logan and Gunnar only weigh a difference of 8lbs, and Gunnar is 2.5 years older, lol. But anyhow, I digress.

The pattern (by creature of habit) was easy peasy, which is probably why I picked it. I used a combination of serging and sewing, and followed this awesome tutorial from Amy Karol for attaching the binding.  All sewed up super fast. But, I will say, that while the sewing was great, if I make this top again I would likely sew the sleeves on separate from the main panels to mimic more natural movement.  As is though, my little man seemed happy in it, and that's all that matters in the end.


Standifer Family said...

I love his smile! AND, I can see his teeth. ;)
Great job on the top!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, The t-shirt is an ottobre pattern, but pants and singlets are my own patterns that I have drafted up...We've just finished with cloth nappies during the day a month of so ago, as youngest is in undies now but wears a cloth nap at night although it's always dry in the morning, I'm not yet brave enough to let him not wear one at night yet.
The South Island is lovely we've been to Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka which are all beautiful,(the scenery is pretty breathtaking), but we only stopped in at Christchurch Airport so didn't get to see much there.
Your boys are very cute, I love the kimono too-great job!