Friday, April 30

Our newest find.

Pretty cool, huh?  A late 1950's/early 1960's vintage Coca Cola vending machine, when a bottle of Coke was only 10 cents!  We're going to refurbish it and get it fully working.  It does work now and keeps cold, but it could definitely be cleaned up and some of the parts could use replacing.  I'm not sure I want to re-paint it though, I kinda like the vintage charm, but we'll see what it looks like first after a good scrub down.

It'll eventually find a home in our kitchen, although more likely mostly filled with Izze's, Ginger beer and Shiner, and at least one slot of Coke bottles for good measure. ;)

We're pretty excited!


julie said...

That is awesome!!

Jacki said...

that's really cool!