Sunday, April 11

Enjoying the sunshine.

We spent yesterday afternoon at one of the neighborhood ponds and were happily greeted by some feathered friends.  The ducks here are so friendly.  Gunnar was delighted to see them!
"Come on ducks, let go swimming! Over there!" 
Logan didn't care at all about the ducks, but he sure did enjoy touching and pulling and eating and laughing at the grass. I don't think he lifted his head up once after I sat him down.  He was one happy boy.
And the husband and I were quite happy too. We had just received a box of beautiful Meyer lemons my dad picked fresh from his tree (their house was built on what used to be a lemon tree grove in the valley- southern California), so I made Scott and I strawberry-mint-Meyer lemonade cocktails to enjoy.  They were so good!  There is no comparison to home grown Meyers, no way.  

For each glass, I squeezed 3 lemon and 3 strawberries, and rough chopped a small handful of mint sprigs from the backyard.  Added a few ice cubes and 1 tablespoons of sugar, gave it a quick stir, and then floated a little bit of rum atop.  You could let all the flavors merry for a bit and then strain it if you prefer, or not add the rum at all and thin out the lemonade a bit if you don't want it so concentrated.  Or add more sugar.. It's my own concoction, so make it however you like if you do.  I might even write up an official recipe, it was so tasty!

All in all, one gorgeous, lazy afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
You left a comment on my blog, thanks for that...I haven't been blogging much as we have been pretty busy and just got back from a few days away and only just saw your comment. Which part of NZ are u moving too?

Valerie said...

Dreamy. The boys are so cute! I'll have to try that lemonade, I love fresh fruity cocktails.